Dried Foods (Chinese Sausages)

Chinese Sausages from F&G Food: The ultimate treat for your taste buds!

Are you a fan of sweet and savoury flavours? Our Chinese dried sausage will surely make your taste buds tickle. Processed from quality ingredients, our dried sausages are high in nutritional value and packed with an appetising taste and flavour. From standard red wine and premium smoked and fresh duck livers sausages to waxed pork belly, duck and pork leg, and chicken sausages, we at F&G Food have it all! Planning to cook Chinese for your dinner tonight? Try our gourmet sausages.

If you do not have time to prepare a lengthy dinner, simply slice the sausages and put them in your rice cooker alongside rice and water. You may also add a few veggies if you wish. That’s it! Enjoy the flavour-packed, tasty go-to recipe on your busy weeknights.

Chinese sausages: All-time favourite ingredient in Chinese Cuisine!

Popularly known as lap Cheong in Cantonese, the Chinese dried sausage is a must-include item in most authentic Chinese dishes. It encompasses a wide variety: smoked, dried or fresh and can also be fatty or lean. As the leading producer and supplier of Chinese sausage, we at F&G Food take great strides to meet our customer’s expectations. Not only do our products ensure a healthy choice, but they also are tremendously mouth-watering and delicious.

Whether you need them for preparing casual family meals or spectacular Chinese recipes, rest assured it will feel like heaven with our wide range of premium-quality sausage in Singapore. Besides, we also have waxed meat options like pork belly, duck and pork leg in our dried food category that are a great choice apart from pork, duck liver and chicken sausage.

Chinese Dried Sausages: The best way to preserve!

Our protein-rich dried sausages and waxed meat are a good source of nutrients alongside vitamins and minerals. Made with good-quality meat, our sausages and waxed meat items include salt and sugar, red wine, collagen, permitted colouring and soy sauce as main ingredients. Whatever dish you wish to prepare, our Chinese dried sausage and waxed meat will melt in your mouth, exploding a perfectly balanced flavour of salt, sweetness and traditional seasoning.

Unopened, you need not require to refrigerate the sausages. However, once you break the seal and open the packet, use a cling wrap to pack the remaining tightly and store them in the refrigerator. A vacuum sealer obviously works better in keeping the sausages fresh for a long time.

Delightful Sausage Recipes!

Our Chinese sausages are a lifesaver for busy bees. Cut them into slices and drop them into any dish you like. From sausage rolls to fried rice, it goes well with anything and everything and will definitely enhance the flavour and texture of the food. Steam the sausages or crisp them in a pan, add some Sichuan pepper powder and salt as a seasoning and there you go!

Relish the sweet and savoury taste of dried sausages with your favourite stir fries, soups or congee and make your taste buds dance in joy. Here are some delightful lip-smacking recipes you can make with our vast categories of sausage in Singapore:

  • Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage:

    If fried rice is your all-time favourite recipe, adding some slices of dried sausages and scrambled eggs will take it to a whole new level. For that beat up 2 to 3 eggs and scramble them in hot oil. Next, add some cooked rice to the wok alongside the eggs and sausage slices. Continue stir-frying for a few minutes and season with salt. Lastly, plate the yummy fried rice and garnish it with some greens.

  • Dried Sausage Pasta:

    Are you a pasta freak? This recipe is surely going to make you lick your fingers. Chinese dried sausages can really go well with Italian pasta. Seem unbelievable? Chop some of the sausages and shallow fry them. Cook a bowl of pasta and add the required seasonings. You can also use specific pasta sauces to make your dish more delicious. Lastly, add the pieces of Chinese sausages to give the recipe loads of umami flavour and depth.

  • Cabbage and Chinese sausage stir-fry:

    This can be your go-to recipe during busy weekdays. Roughly chop a green cabbage and a few Chinese sausages and put them in the wok. Add some hot oil and stir-fry them with light soy sauce until cooked. If you prefer, you can add other seasonings. Also, balance the salt according to your taste. You can have it like this or pair it with some leftover rice.

At F&G Food, our customer’s health is a priority. That is why we ensure every food item undergoes quality-control checks at every production stage and take utmost care in delivering them in the perfect packaging. Also, we try to give our dried sausage in Singapore at the most economical rates. So, check out our wide range of Chinese dried food items and place an order. Need more information? Give us a call or drop us a mail!