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Fresh Duck Liver Sausages (120 g)

Fresh Duck Liver Sausages



Premium Lean Pork, Duck Liver, Pork Belly, Sugar, Salt, Chinese Wine, XO Brandy, Spices, Collagen Casing and Permitted Colouring (E124)

Fresh Duck Liver Sausages for Great Taste & Health

Do you know that duck liver is a nutrient-dense food? That’s right; it is a rich source of Vitamin A and B and minerals like iron, copper, and selenium. Add them to your favourite dishes to enhance taste, health, and appearance.

What are duck liver sausages?

Liver from any animal is known to have a strong and distinct flavour that many people might find unappetizing. However, most people relish the rich flavour and enjoy it by blending it with seasoning. However, duck liver sausage is something that everyone would find delicious. The fresh duck liver from F & G Food does not just contain duck liver but is a beautiful blend of duck liver, lean pork, and pork belly. This blend is seasoned with the finest Chinese wine, XO Brandy, and spices, making it the perfect winter treat.

Benefits of duck liver sausages

How good are these fresh duck liver sausages? Look at these amazing benefits:

  • Tastes heavenly

    Fresh duck liver sausage is an absolute treat to the senses. The perfect balance of duck liver with pork is a combination to die for. It comes together in the natural collagen casing to give you a rich, satisfying bite full of flavours!

  • Good for health

    Adding duck liver sausage as a snack would not make you feel guilty. It is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, the duck fat in the mixture is rich in good fats essential for the body.

  • Versatile uses

    The best part about fresh duck liver sausages is that you can create wonderful dishes with them. From your favourite fried rice to cheesy American hot dogs, duck liver sausages fit anywhere.

  • Gets ready in minutes

    Want to make duck liver sausages as a quick side dish or a garnish? Simply toss them in the frying pan for 8-10 minutes until it’s crispy golden brown.

Get fresh duck liver sausages delivered to your doorstep

Overall, duck livers are a great source of nutrients and make a delicious treat. The rich taste comes from the magical blend of duck liver and pork meat, making it a perfect addition to your regular dishes. Looking for delicious duck liver sausages in Singapore? Order from our website today.


What are the ingredients of duck liver sausage?

The fresh duck liver sausage is made from a blend of duck liver, premium lean pork, and pork belly and seasoned with salt, sugar, Chinese wine, brandy, and spices.

Is duck liver healthy?

Yes, duck liver is high in essential nutrients such as complete proteins, healthy fats, vitamins A, B, copper, and heme iron.

Which casing is used for duck liver sausages?

Natural collagen casing is used for duck liver sausages.

How to store duck liver sausages?

It is best to store them in the refrigerator and consume them as instructed on the pack.

How long will it take my order to reach the given address?

All F & G Food orders take 3 working days to reach you. However, advance orders can be made on special request.