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Pork Liver Sausages 250 g at $5.80

Fresh Pork Liver Sausages



Premium Lean Pork, Pork Liver, Pork Belly, Sugar, Salt, Chinese Wine, XO Brandy, Spices, Collagen Casing and Permitted Colouring (E124)

Premium Quality Pork Liver Sausages for Home Delivery

Livers are a popular delicacy in many cuisines, and pork liver is one of them. Not only it has a rich flavour and mouthfeel, but it also has several health benefits. The liver is nutrient-dense, and lean pork meat and pork belly are rich sources of complete proteins.

What are pork liver sausages made of?

Pork liver sausages are typically a blend of pork liver with other pork liver meat like lean muscle and belly. This beautiful blend of meat is seasoned and pre-cooked with Chinese wine and spices. Due to the addition of Chinese wine and brandy, it acquires a unique and delicious flavour profile. They are also called Chinese sausages since it is prepared with traditional Shaoxing wine.

Health benefits of pork liver sausages

  • It is protein-packed

    Since pork liver sausages are primarily made from lean pork meat, they are rich in protein. Thus, it is suitable for those building muscles or adding extra protein to their diet.

  • Full of Vitamin B complex

    The sausages have pork liver which means it is rich in lots of vitamin B. Vitamin B is a vital nutrient needed for good eyes, skin, and overall body health.

  • Source of healthy fats

    Pork liver is a rich source of healthy fats and is beneficial when eaten in moderation.

Ways to use pork liver sausages

The best part about pork liver sausages is that they are super easy and quick to make. Try them as:

  • Meat for fried rice: Craving hot steaming fried rice? Jazz it up with simmering crispy pork liver sausages.
  • Grilled snack: Grill the sausages in the frying pan for a few minutes, and your quick snack is ready!
  • Sautéed veggies: Enhance the bland sauteed veggies by adding chopped pork liver sausages.
  • Clay pot rice: Impress your guests this new year with magnificent clay pot rice with pork liver sausage.
  • Noodle topping: Noodles and pasta lovers can have their new topping – fresh and delicious pork liver sausages.

Fresh pork liver sausages delivered to your doorstep

Fresh pork liver sausages are a must-have in your pantry. Whether you want to eat them as a light snack or want to create masterpiece dishes, pork liver sausages are very easy to use. Planning to make lip-smacking Chinese delicacies this new year? Order your favourite pork liver sausages now.


What is fresh pork liver sausage made of?

Fresh pork liver sausages by F & G Food contain pork liver, premium lean pork, pork belly, salt, sugar, Chinese wine, XO Brandy, and spices.

What is Chinese wine?

The traditional Chinese wine called shaoxing is used to season these Chinese sausages.

Is pork liver sausage healthy to eat?

Yes, pork liver contains high-quality pork liver and meat rich in protein, essential vitamins and minerals.

How to cook pork liver sausage?

Pork liver sausages can be prepared in many ways. It takes less time to cook since they are pre-cooked.

How to store pork liver sausages?

It is advised to store the pack in the refrigerator.