Wholesale frozen meats supplier in Singapore

F&G Food: Best place to buy frozen meats for a yummilicious experience!

Are you bothered about unexpected guests coming over for dinner? Worry not! Frozen meat in Singapore from F&G Food will surely save your day. We have a wide variety of meat products like Tonic and Soy sauce kampong Chicken, pork ribs and smoked knuckles, black pepper chicken etc. All our products are derived from high-quality ingredients and are rich in protein and nutrients. No wonder they are a healthy choice for your gut. At the same time, they do not compromise on taste.

Whether you have to arrange a sudden dinner or a weekend party, our frozen food is the perfect means to solve all your problems. As leading frozen meat suppliers in Singapore, we deliver fresh and frozen meats. Thus we are crowned by our customers with a triple AAA.

Once you purchase our frozen food items, you need not worry about cleaning, dicing, chopping and marinating those. Just order the products you wish to prepare, and there you go! Deep fry the frozen meat in Singapore or bake them in the oven with different veggies, serve them hot with some toppings and make your guests lick their fingers.

Frozen Food: Advantages of using them!

Are you looking for frozen meat wholesale in Singapore to make your dinnertimes easier? Our ready-made frozen meats are the easiest option to add healthy, nutritious and delectable food items to the plate. As the most trustworthy frozen meat supplier, we at F&G Food leave no opportunity to meet our customer’s expectations and make their life easy. Here is how our frozen food items prove beneficial:

  • Flexibility: You can order our frozen products as per your needs and preferences. Are friends coming over for a sudden visit? Order our products at a single click and amaze your buddies with the tasty dishes. Worry not if your plan changes. Just store the frozen foods and enjoy them later at your convenient time.
  • Convenience: Have no time for shopping? That’s ok! As the best food supplier, we deliver frozen meats to your doorsteps. You can order easily from the numerous options available in our frozen food section and repeat your previous orders if you want. Also, at F&G Food, we supply ready-made frozen meat wholesale in Singapore. Our products are cleaned, cut into the correct size and marinated. You need to thaw them and prepare your desired recipe.
  • Healthy Option: We aim to deliver premium-quality frozen meat to all the health-conscious meat lovers out there. Hence, our food items are utterly nutritious and healthy. We proudly declare that our products are free of additives like preservatives and artificial colours. Completely made from natural ingredients, our frozen meats cater to your dietary needs alongside making your taste buds happy.
  • Affordable: Being the top-ranking supplier of wholesale frozen food in Singapore, we try our best to keep the price range cost-effective for all our customers. However, we do not compromise our product quality. So, whatever dish you want to prepare, go ahead and relish the taste of mouth-watering licious delicacies.

Frozen Food Items: Tips to use them correctly!

The following are some ideas to store your frozen foods for a long time:

  • To extend the life of frozen meats, you need to store them in the freezer and not in the refrigerator. Remember to consume your frozen items within a specific period and keep your fridge on until you fully utilise them.
  • You must use a freezer-grade container to store the frozen foods and ensure you have completely sealed the packets or containers. Otherwise, it might affect the taste and texture of the meat when it’s cooked.
  • You need to defrost or thaw the freezing meats before cooking. Also, drain the excess water or adjust the liquid according to your recipe. Do not put the frozen foods directly into hot oil as it will sprinkle the heated oil and will not cook perfectly.
  • The packaged frozen meats are often cut into portions required for the specific recipe. Whether you are planning to make crispy chicken fries or whole-baked chicken, rest assured to get the items in exact sizes.

As the renowned producer of wholesale frozen food in Singapore, we at F& G Food believe in delivering the best quality food items that are a perfect combination of taste and flavour. Our products go through multiple checking before we launch them in the market. Planning for a party tonight? Explore our range of frozen products and order now!