Canned meats & seafood

Canned Meats and Seafood from F&G Food

Do you love a delicious protein-packed meat sandwich every day? Or are you more of a person who loves to indulge in an insanely delectable bowl of ramen with seafood? Well, if you love meat and seafood, but you often struggle with the time to cook these recipes at home, canned food in Singapore from F&G Foods is an excellent idea.

You get healthy nutritious meals ranging from chicken ham luncheon meat to premium chicken curry and stewed pork in a can. Cut down on the time and effort that you invested in earlier because these canned meats can be a game-changer for your culinary tastes.

Canned food as healthy as the food in your pantry

Often canned foods are misjudged and labelled to be less nutritious than fresh foods. However, when you know what to look out for and shop from a trusted manufacturer and distributor like F&G Foods, canned food in Singapore like luncheon meat and canned pork can be a time-saving and cost-effective alternative. Despite their reputation, canned food are quite good for health. Don’t believe us? Well here are some reasons why you can invest in canned meat:

1. Canned food to win the taste test

Most people live by the notion that canned food can never match the taste of fresh food. Let us tell you, they are wrong. When you cook with canned meat, the recipe comes out to be richer in colour with more robust flavours. You can make a plate that’s prepared within minutes and tastes as food or better than the fresh one.

2. Canned food is easy to make

Who has the time to cook elaborate meals in the 21st century? Well, while you are busy breaking through the clutter and orchestrating your schedules perfectly, you can rely on canned meat to save you time. Just get the meat out of the can, cut down on the post-processing or marinating steps, cook the meat, and you would be all set to go.

3. Cost-effective and convenient

Undoubtedly canned foods save time, but they are cost-effective as well. You don’t need to go to those expensive butcher shops or aisles of meat shops, and you can get luncheon meat online within a portion of the money you would have otherwise spent on real meat. Non-perishable canned meat is affordable, convenient and easy to store, which makes them a better option in terms of shopping or cooking.

Healthiest Canned Meat list

Are you on your periodic grocery shopping spree and you need a list of canned meat you can get for the day or the week? Well, if you have been searching for canned food in Singapore, F&G Food brings you an interesting collection of the healthiest, most nutritious and most affordable options. Some of the most-sought canned food options are listed as follows: 

1. Canned chicken

When we are talking about poultry meat, there’s no way how you can miss chicken. Canned chicken tends to be low in sodium than the marinated ones in your kitchen which lower the chances of heart disease. In addition, canned chicken breast is also an excellent source of lean protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc, iron, calcium, and Vitamin B as well as trace amounts of Vitamin C. The nutritional values present in one portion of canned chicken can support muscle growth, energy production as well as the immune system.

2. Canned Ham

Now canned ham manufacturing is a bit more intricate than what you see on the surface. The pork leg muscle is flavoured, preserved, finely chopped, and reshaped before it is packaged. If you love to include a lean source of protein in your diet that can provide all the essential vitamins, and minerals as well as amino acids, then canned ham can be a good choice. Rich in selenium, the meat helps to support weight loss and its nutritional profile can help to reduce certain specific types of inflammation while maintaining muscle mass.

3. Canned bacon

While some people might not think canned bacon and health are synonymous, it is relatively less sodium rich. This makes canned pork an amazing low-sodium option that contains more protein. If you want a low-sodium alternative canned bacon can always suffice the cause with its amazing taste and of course, the right texture.

4. Canned seafood

Seafood means intricate recipes and yes hours to make the seafood ready for cooking. If you don’t have that kind of time in hand and all you need is a wholesome bowl of ramen or a sandwich with tuna or salmon in it, canned seafood can be a brilliant way to cut down on the efforts and make a delicious dinner or lunch that comes together in minutes.

Finger licking recipes that everyone will love

You can use canned meat to bake that extra easy plate of lasagna salads or soups. You can make chicken crostinis to impress your guests or pull off a mid-day quick snack. Or a char siew with your favourite luncheon meat. F&G Food also has an assorted collection of rotisserie chicken and roasted duck that typically take hours to cook. You can get any of these and make any easy side dish to woo your guests with your cooking skills. Trust us, they will love it from their very core!

Have you ever thought about mixing a tin of sardines with your batch of tuna salad or smoked oysters with something more humble like a luncheon recipe? Well, if you haven’t, it’s high time you start experimenting with some budget-friendly options. You can cook a batch of spaghetti, with luncheon meat, pot roast, pizza or sandwiches with canned chicken and something fancier like salmon cake with a side of mashed potatoes and honey-glazed duck. All you need to do is shop from F&G Food, and your favourite recipe will be minutes away. There are many ways to zhush up canned meat, and once you get the hang of flavours, there’s nothing stopping you.

Why shop from F&G Foods

Since the day we set foot in the canned meat industry in 1995, quality always has been a prime concern. As one of Singapore’s handpicked premium manufacturers and distributors, we take pride in our exquisite range of high-quality Chinese sausages, canned meats, waxed meats and western sausages. Every product goes through multiple quality checkpoints, and the best part is you can get everything within a competitive price range.

Browse through our inventory and find your favourite canned meat. Need more information? Drop us a line now!