04 November 2020

The Birth of Golden Palm Brand

When Mr Tay Ah Beng bought over F&G Food Pte Ltd (Golden Palm Brand) in 2011, he spends 9 hours daily in mastering the skill of making Chinese Sausage.

He makes his staffs carry out food tasting on every batch of Chinese Sausages to maintain and improve the quality of the Chinese Sausages. He even extended the food tasting to his family members on weekly basis. He believes that he can sell his products to his customers only if he can accept what he produces.

Steamed Chinese Sausages are served at each of his food tasting session. Mr Tay reiterates that if he discovers that if any his product is off taste, he will not hesitate to discard the whole batch of that specific product. There was an occasion that he discard more than 250kg of the finished product.

Mr Tay points out that there are lesser than 5 Chinese Sausage factory and hopes to keep to the traditional method of manufacturing while adopting new innovation and increasing productivity. By consistently seeking to improve on his products, he has now more than 16 types of Chinese Sausage compared to the 7 types initially.

Golden Palm Brand with its current production capacity of 1 tonne of Chinese Sausage daily, has customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei and Batam besides supplying to local market. Mr Tay hopes that he will be able to bring his products to China soon.