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Buy Best Chinese Sausage In Singapore

Chinese Sausages



Premium Lean Pork, Pork Belly, Sugar, Salt, Chinese Wine, XO Brandy, Collagen Casing and Permitted Colouring (E124)

Order Best-Quality Chinese Sausages in Singapore

Lap Cheong, or Chinese sausage, is known for their unique flavour profile. Although there are different types of lap cheong, it is primarily made from fresh pork or liver mixed with wine and spices. These delicious pork sausages are an essential part of Chinese cuisine and can be used in a variety of dishes. From lightly grilled sausages for breakfast to sausage fried rice for lunch with your friends, it is a magical ingredient.

What makes Chinese sausage so special?

Chinese sausages are unique due to the usage of traditional rice wine for flavouring. The traditional Chinese word for these sausages literally translates into preserved sausages. Hence, you can generally find smoked, seasoned or sweetened, fully packed with flavours. The main seasonings used in these sausages are salt, sugar, and soy sauce. You can use these sausages to make Chinese New Year dishes, such as:

  • Use chopped Chinese sausages to make fried rice topping.
  • Use them to make Hong Kong-style sausage rolls (a popular baked delicacy famous worldwide)
  • Use them to add to noodles, curries, and pasta.
  • Use Chinese sausages to garnish the beautiful clay pot rice.
  • Use grilled sausages or side dishes with dips and sauces to make a light breakfast.

 Buy tasty Chinese sausages in Singapore online.

Chinse sausages are an irresistible delight that one can use in many dishes. It is healthy and safe to consume since Chinese sausage in Singapore is sold only after quality and food safety assessments.

F&G Food provides you with cheap and tasty Chinese sausage in Singapore. It is a high-quality product made with premium lean pork, pork belly, Chinese wine, and seasonings. The sausages are carefully vacuum-packed and delivered to your doorstep within three working days. So, are you planning to make festive dishes this Chinese New Year? Order these yummy sausages today.