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Salted Egg Fish Skin 100g in Singapore

Salted Egg Fish Skin 100g



Fish skin, Oil, Salted egg yolk, Curry Leaves, Chili Padi, Butter, Salt, Sugar

Salted Egg Fish Skin

Ever tried fish skin before? If not, try out the premium-grade fish skin from F&G Food, coated with salted egg yolk. It is something too delicious to resist. The salted egg fish skin couldn’t be tastier. The perfect blend of tangy, sweet, and spicy flavors is sure to delight your tastebuds. The sublime feeling of the classic item is what people love the most.

At F&G Food, we deliver uniformly seasoned salted egg fish skin. Savor the correct balance of crunch and bold flavor. Whether you are looking for a snacking item or enjoy the flavor, our crispy fish skin can be the perfect choice for you. Sit back and enjoy the tasty delight in the slow evenings.

Tasty and Healthy Fish Skin

The salted egg fish skin offered by F&G Food is not just tasty but healthy too. We aim to bring sustainable, healthy, and super delicious food to your plate. There are several benefits of eating fish skins. They are rich in protein, collagen, and nutrients. It’s also an excellent source of omega-3s. Consumption of fish skin can promote healthy skin, improve heart health, and ensure muscle growth. Our product is good for overall health and well-being.

For the Perfect Snacking Experience

The crispy fish skins are bold in flavor, dense in texture, and chunky in size. Every bite allows you to enjoy spicy and sweet flavors all at once. Experience utmost satisfaction with every bite of our salted egg fish skin. We aim to provide an exceptional multi-sensory snacking experience to our customers. You can sprinkle the crumbs on noodles or fried rice to enjoy a unique taste and flavor.

Why Choose Salted Egg Fish Skin from F&G Food?

Since its inception in 1995, F&G Food has successfully established itself as a reputed provider of premium quality food. We prioritize the satisfaction of the customers. For that, we take active steps in procuring fresh and fine ingredients for our food products. We go the extra mile to visit the facilities or farms of our suppliers to ensure that their methods and qualities are in line with the desired food standards.

At F&G Food, we deliver a good selection of food products at competitive prices. Our salted egg fish skin is prepared, keeping the taste and preferences of the customers. The crispy delight is a great snacking item and a perfect choice for all occasions. Need more information? Reach out to us today! We are extremely delighted to help you with your queries.


Is it healthy to consume salted egg fish skin?

Yes, salted egg fish skin is healthy as it is packed with collagen and nutrient and high in proteins.

Does salting increase the longevity of food products?

Salt acts as a great preservative. It helps in reducing the water activity in the food and increases the longevity of the food products.

Is salted egg fish skin spicy?

No, our salted egg fish skin is not so spicy. It is a perfect treat for your tastebuds. It is crunchy and offers a bold flavor.