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Tried Vegan Luncheon Meat Roll

Pork Luncheon Meat Roll



Pork, Chicken Meat,Water,Starch,Spices,Salt,Stabilizers(E401,E407),Phosphate(E450,E452),Sodium Lactate, Monosodium Glutamate and Sodium Nitrite

Premium Pork Luncheon Meat Roll from F&G Food

Do you want a flavoursome twist for the sausages on your pizza? Or would you like to try something exciting for meat alternatives in your sandwich? Well, whether you are making a new kind of hot dog at home or have something else in mind with an Asian twist, the pork luncheon meat roll from F&G Food can be a delightful way to open the doors to the savoury city.

Irresistible texture and flavours

The premium luncheon meat roll is made from pork, chicken, water, starch, spices, salt and some stabilizers. Add the meaty flavour to your rice or noodle, risotto or ravioli, and it will flood your palate with a distinguished taste that you would love from your very core. Trans-fat-free, gluten-free and low in sodium, the pork luncheon meat is a convenient alternative to traditional meat that would take hours to cook.

Are you looking out for ideas for a quick and easy lunch? Don’t have time to make homecooked food, and you don’t want to spend on the takeout menu as well? Fret not, the luncheon meat roll from F&G Food can satisfy your tummy and your cravings. Add it to your salad, fried rice, egg recipes, noodles or something artsier, and it will do the work just as neatly as any other meat substitute.

For your home-cooked recipes

How many times have you skipped lunch, dinner or breakfast just because you didn’t want to go out? If you are a hardcore meat lover and you need the taste of meat in any one of your meals during the day, then this luncheon meat from F&G Foods can pack the daily dose of protein that you need throughout your day.

Make a delicious plate of luncheon meat and baked beans, cook yourself a French toast and luncheon meat sandwiches with some zesty sauces or roll yourself a luncheon meat egg wrap. The possibilities are practically limitless. If you want, you can also reinvent the luncheon meat and egg wrap with cheese or make a quail’s egg sushi. Get yourself a cup of noodles, some greens, and an egg, and you can brew up a hot pot of instant noodles/ramen. Luncheon meat also makes an ideal match for your spaghetti, bread rolls, fried rice and whatnot.

Why F&G Food?

Contrary to the popular belief that canned or frozen foods are a health hazard, they are not. You can get premium quality frozen luncheon meat from F&G Food, and they will just be as healthy. There will be an upside. They will be tastier at times and will be more convenient to cook. You won’t need to spend hours by the stove, and you can still have a mouthwatering plate of meat recipe for yourself or your family. At F&G Food, quality is of utmost significance. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the products that reach your pantry pass through several quality checkpoints.

So, you get the best of what you pay for!